Day I


  • Principles of Post and Core
  • Anatomical, Biological and Mechanical considerations in restoring endodontically treated teeth
  • Post designs and types
  • Tapered Vs Parallel posts
  • Metal posts Vs Fibre posts
  • Post space preparation
  • Luting cements
  • Intra-radicular rehabilitation using FRC
  • Core materials

Live Demo & Hands-On:

  • Post space preparation
  • Try-in of post and assessing with RVG
  • Post placement (one metal and one FRC post)
  • Core buildup

Day II


  • Rationale for Non-Surgical RCT
  • Restorative disassembly techniques
  • Identification/treatment of missed canals
  • GP removal using solvents, heat, H-files, rotary
  • Ultrasonics in retreatment
  • Efficient removal of silver points
  • Predictable removal of posts and cores
  • Endodontic mishaps : Causes and prevention
  • Broken instrument retrieval
  • Blocks: Negotiation and patency
  • Ledges: Bypass and management
  • Perforation management : MTA and its applications

Demo and Hands-On

  • GP retrieval from obturated teeth using Rotary retreatment files
  • Silver point & broken instrument retrieval from obturated teeth
  • Post retrieval
  • Perforation repair using MT