KIDO- DONTIA is a Pediatric Restorative Dentistry and Behavior Management

Clinical Continuum for The General Practitioners.

A 2days hands-on, lecture course & Working on patients.


  • Hands on Training sessions on patients under supervision.
  • Live surgical & treatment demonstrations on patients.
  • Didactic sessions including intensive lectures, Videos, Interactive discussions.
  • Patients will be provided with full clinical support by the center.
  • The participants will work on teeth imported from Nissin Dental Products Inc, Japan. The teeth have a feel that closely resembles natural tooth structure.
  • Post course mentor ship program at your doorstep for future cases.
  • Team of Professionals carrying an impeccable academic and clinical record.
  • Patient Education Brochures, Posters & CD’s for your clinic.
  • The material presented is practical and useful allowing the participating dentist to immediately improve on the efficiency and quality of treatment of pediatric patients in their practice.

Course Summary:

Over 80 percent of the children in India receive their dental care from General Dentists. Yet, the paediatric dental curriculum in our dental colleges does not adequately prepare the General Dentist to treat this patient population. Pediatric patients are not just miniature adult patients – they have their own set of unique restorative problems and behavioural circumstances that require additional knowledge and experience to manage. The objective in treating pediatric patients is to provide high quality treatment in an extremely efficient manner that minimizes chair time while achieving long-lasting restorations.

This course is not intended to teach a General Dentist how to be a Pediatric Dentist or to run a pediatric practice – rather it is presented to assist those General Dentists who choose to treat children in their practice with a practical clinical approach to pediatric restorative dentistry and behaviour guidance.

Course Objectives:

At the conclusion of the two-day course participants will have learned and mastered the following topics:

1 Simple approaches to Class I and II posterior restorations (no amalgams!)

    • Preparation considerations
    • efficient matrix application
    • Which composite and bonding materials are best to use
  • Realistic pulp treatment procedures and strategies
    • When is a pulpotomy indicated, when is it not?
    • Extract or treat – how to decide
  • Full coverage restorations for the primary posterior dentition
    • Deciding when full coverage is necessary
    • stainless steel crowns – tricks and tips for easier application
    • aesthetics alternatives to the metal crown- very popular now
  • Anterior restorations
    • When full coverage is is indicated.
    • What is the best and most aesthetic approach?
  • Extraction techniques for the primary dentition
    • what you need to know to make it easy
  • Proper use of space maintenance
    • when it is needed and when it is not
    • what space maintainer is right
  • Practical and safe behaviour management strategies for children of all ages
    • Nitrous oxide or no nitrous oxide – tips and strategies for both
    • Understanding a child’s mind as it related to restorative dentistry
  • Managing trauma in the primary dentition
    • understanding the implications of different types of traumas
    • What treatment to render and when
    • What to tell parents to expect in the future
  • Useful tips on the administration of local anaesthetic
    • make it easier with some simple strategies
  • Scheduling considerations for pediatric restorative procedures
    • How to make pediatric dentistry profitable
    • Instituting a formalized recall and hygiene program
    • Stainless Steel Crowns – Anterior & Posterior

2. Video Demonstrations:

1. Array of behaviour management techniques demonstrated through live recordings of every day clinical situations

2. Administration of local anaesthesia

3. Radiographs in children

4. Placement of band for space maintainers

5. Pit & Fissure Sealants

6. Pediatric Sedation

3. Video Demonstrations and Hands – On Programme on models:

1. Endodontic treatment and post endodontic restoration on deciduous molar

2. Placement of Stainless steel crown

The participants will work on teeth imported from Nissin Dental Products Inc, Japan. The teeth have a feel that closely resembles natural tooth structure.

One Patient Will be Provided to Each participant for Pulpotomy or Pulpectomy procedure

Certificate – Each participant is awarded With well designed certificate.




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