Frequently Asked Questions


We  are offering clinical training programs to teach you various clinical skills. Any registered dentist ( BDS degree qualification is must) can practice any kind of work (including orthodontics) there is no restriction on it. After completion of the program you will be awarded a Certificate. eg. Cert.Ortho, Cert.Endo or Implants (can be written as it is on your name board).

1. Is this course recognized by Dental Council Of India?

No this course is not recognized by DCI at present. On completion of the program you will be issued a certificate by Dr.Sachdeva’s Dental Institute, New Delhi. Rather, no other courses in India except Degree courses such as BDS and MDS are only recognized by DCI.

2. About patients OUT PATIENT DEPARTMENT in your institution?

There will be enough patients to do hands on work. We are having a charitable dental clinics for this purpose. In total we have three dental chairs in our different clinics. But care is taken that patient does not feel that he is being used for the training purpose.

3. Will we be working on the patient or phantom heads?

You will work on Typodonts, phantom heads and specially designed models for your exercises and for the Hands on courses.For full time clinical courses majority of work will be on patients.

4. What about the books and instruments?

You will be provided facilities for books and notes for the reference. You will have access to Academy Library. Equipment’s in clinic will be available for your use. You will have to buy your personal books and sets of pliers for your use.
Air rotor handpiece has to be bought on your own.

5. What about hostel/stay/ PG accommodation?

Dr.Sachdeva’s Institute is located in Ashok vihar, Northwest part of delhi. We have made arrangement for stay near to our institute.

6. Can I practice after the training?

You can certainly practice, there are no laws in India to prevent you from doing any kind of dental work including Orthodontics. Minimum requirement is of course that you have to be a BDS graduate.

6. What about the fees Structure ?

You have pay the Fees in advance In form of Cash, cheque or DD . Under special consideration fees can be taken in installment but you will have to submit post dated cheque in support of it.

7. I am a busy practitioner. Do you have any 2-3 days programs?

Our classes are generally held on weekends. We do 2-3 days hands-on program where we have full day workshops on different subjects that too especially on weekends.

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