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International certification by British Academy of Implant Dentistry (BADI) in Collaboration with NOBEL BIOCARE, OSTEEM & MYRAID

Basic and Comprehensive Course in Implants
India’s Most Appreciated Dental Implant Continnum

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Why our Implant course?

  • The most proficient clinical training on Live patients & ICOI Affiliate course
  • 100 hours of comprehensive lectures including live surgeries, demonstrations and hands-on sessions covering spectrum of more than 15 Implant systems in detail .
  • Certificate of Completion is awarded by the sponsoring institutions and British Academy of Implantology
  • In depth review of surgical and prosthetic protocols with flapless approach , Immediate implants, Ridge Augmentation, Bone expansion & Ridge expanders
  • Guidance to select an implant system that would work in your practice.
  • Implant prosthetics in detail from single crowns to full mouth rehabilitation, Stentsfor full mouth restoration.
  • Conventional and CT based – Diagnosis & treatment Planning, Rationale for All on 4 ,All on 6 & Hybrid prosthesis.
  • Principles of Impression making, Understanding Prosthetic components while working on live patients & Implant Overdentures.
  • Excellent review of fundamental sciences and treatment planning.
  • Practice management module that provides ideas to market your implant practice.
  • Eligibility to further pursue the requirements for Fellowship status of the ICOI.
  • In several parts of the world the Associate Fellowship or Fellowship is an acknowledged credential that represents quality training in implantology and skill in the art and science of implant dentistry.
  • Clinical Session Consists of 15 Implant placements and Restorations with direct & Indirect sinus lifts with SCA,SLA,DASK Kits + Ridge Splitting on Patients
  • Bone modification techniques,Bone condensation,Osteotome techniques & Bone graft harvesting
  • Block bone grafts using Parasymphysis & Ramus bone
  • Guided bone regeneration technique,Graft materials,Grafting protocols
  • Implants in compromised maxilla,Zygomatic Implants,Pterygoid Implants
  • Dr.Sachdeva’s Implant Institute is proud to have number of leading brands of implants, world class equipments, latest bio materials, and what not to make it of international standards.

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    ICOI Accrediated Clinical Implants Training Course in India.

    • The students will be introduced to the following Thirteen implant Systems like Bio Horizon, Neo-Biotech,Seawon Meditech Implant,Mirell Implant, Inno Implant, Alpha Bio, Nobel Biocare, Adin Implants, Osstem Implants, CSM Implant & Biomet-3i, Lifecare, Global Implants, NORIS, GMI, CORTEX.
    • There will be separate sessions for CBCT and Radiographic Interpretations.
    • Practical sessions at every contact learning class.
    • Carefully crafted modules, ensuring students can take skills directly back to their practice.
    • Provides the theory behind the practice, enabling students to justify the treatment offered to patients.
    • Simplified Lectures – a practical approach toward treatment.

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    Intra oral welder for rigid splinting of implant abutments for immediate loading.

    Frame work welding of implants.

    Compressive and Basal Implantology

    • We have a dedicated post course support and mentoring service available
    • All protocols and techniques taught by Dr.Sachdeva are designed to deliver safe and predictable outcomes for your patients.
    • Multiple video demonstrations of various clinical procedures.
    • Live long bond with Implanto dontia family for all case discussions and onsite consultations, treatment planning and armamentarium purchases.
    • Small batches of minimum five students each for individual attention.
    • Complete Study Material from Institute.
    • Every Participant will be doing Flapless, Immediate, Ridge expansion, Sinus lifts both direct and indirect using SCA and SLA kit, PRF, All on 4, overdentures and full mouth planning for implants on patients and with the use of peizosurgery units.
    • Five Implants will be placed including direct and indirect sinus lift by individual participants in the course. .
    • Implants will be placed independently by each participant.
    • Ten contact Sessions within six months.



    Implant Institute is to make all participant doctors, very confident of having enough skills, knowledge and courage to put their first implant. After all a journey of thousands of implant starts from first implant. So we welcome all interested dental practitioners, PGs, Interns, Academicians and students, across the world to be a part of our family.

    The Institute is equipped with all modern facilities for audio-visual presentations, seminars, etc. A soothing ambience along with comfortable AC sitting arrangements are available for all participants (for lectures, practicals & hands-on sessions).

    dental implants training (12)

    Comprehensive Course of Implants (10 Days)


    Module 1 [Introductory phase]

    • When & why to choose a classical implant retained fixed restorations post extraction
    • Introduction to Implantology
    • History
    • Classification
    • Surgical anatomy of the maxilla & mandible
    • Diagnosis
    • Case selection & treatment planning
    • Medical considerations in implants
    • Pharmacology in implants
    • Bone:-relation to implants
    • Bone density
    • Bone biology & physiology
    • Concepts of Osseo integration: – a cellular phenomenon
    • Biotype classification
    • SAC classification
    • Different types & designs of implants
    • Radiology in implants:-
    • CT planning with advanced planning software
    • Virtual planning with CBCT evaluation
    • Surgical guide fabrication
    • Basic armamentarium & preoperative assessment including sterility protocols.

    dental implants training (16)

    Hands on: – Incision & Flap design rationale, Suturing techniques on dummy models.

    Module 2 [Surgical phase]

    • Concepts of basic implant surgical techniques A to Z – step by step
    • Introduction to different implant systems
    • Specific Implant selection
    • Implant dentistry – A periodontal perspective
    • Peri-implant soft tissue complex
    • Predictable bone remodeling Vs Crestal bone loss
    • Understand the pitfalls in hard & soft tissue anatomy
    • Hands on: – Implant placement on the model
    • Preoperative dental operatory protocol for Implants
    • Essential aspects of Physiodispenser & Piezosurgery unit
    • The mystique about membranes
    • Live implant placement by the participant with bone evaluation
    • Individual case planning & post operative evaluation with discussion
    • Socket preservation techniques & materials
    • Flap or Flapless implantology
    • Immediate implants: how to place it & to load or not to load?


    Module 3 -Clinical Phase

    • What are Prosthetic components & Abutments?
    • Hype about bone grafts: – what is the best graft material?
    • Titanium tacs for membrane stabilization
    • Prosthetic options for individual clinical case
    • Gingival modification prior to Impressions
    • Different impression techniques i.e. Abutment & Fixture level
    • Guideline to prosthetic options
    • cement retained / screw retained
    • Optimal Abutment selection criteria
    • Single Vs Two stage
    • Implant overdentures
    • Philosophy
    • Advantages & disadvantages
    • Planning for implant placement
    •  Ball over – partials
    • Understand how bone density & implant diameter affects prosthesis type & design
    • The hybrid prosthesis
    • Basic principle of maxillary sinus elevation
    • All on four & all on six concept
    • Hands on: – Over denture demonstration


    Module 4 [prosthetic phase]

    • Specialized implant impression trays
    • Bite registration for full mouth rehabilitation with implants
    • Biomechanical considerations
    • Implant platforms
    • Abutment connection & designs
    • Analysis of biomechanical factors for prosthetic options like single implant crowns, fixed partial crowns.
    • Loading protocols
    • Concepts of occlusion in Implant retained prosthesis
    • Peri-Implant soft tissue management
    • Provisionalization of Implants
    • Gingival former selection & recovering of osseointegrated implants
    • Hands on: – Impression on models

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    Module 5

    • Live hands on: – Impression taking on the patient
    • Periimplantitis
    • Causes, diagnosis & management
    • Maintenance of Implants
    • Immediate prosthesis in Aesthetic zone
    • Final prosthetic rehabilitation by the participants
    • Prosthetic complications management

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    With our clinical experiences, we wish to impart knowledge and inspire clinicians and their approach towards dentistry.
    With our passion, experience and teaching skills we want to make a contribution to the future of dentistry.