Sinus lift bone grafting is mainly indicated in those cases where the bone height is insufficient for implants in the back of the upper jaw as it is close to the sinus. The bone width starts decreasing mainly in the area of upper second premolars, first molars and second molars. After tooth loss the maxillary…

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Diabetes Affect Oral Health

Recently a study found out that 422 million people around the world is suffering from diabetes. It is one of the main causes of death worldwide. The side effects of diabetes are very well known which are stroke, heart disease,blindness and kidney failure. Reports have it now that diabetes is a leading cause for gum…

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Soft Tissue Grafting

This is in preposition of a treatment planning of an appropriate surgical technique for increasing the width of the attached mucosa in order to maintain Peri-implant health. The soft tissue around gingival being divided into gingival and mobile alveolar mucosa, the gingival width varies individually as 2-9 mm.There is a time-point to distinguish the peri-implant…

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