10 FactsWe Must Know About Our Teeth

Our oral health depends on most of the daily habits we have or activities we go through all day.so care must be given to our teeth and gums.

Cavities caused by kissing. When you kiss someone who is already infected with bad bacteria in their mouth or their saliva, they could pass through on to you and can cause cavities. Some people also believe that kissing actually may prevent cavities as saliva acts as a natural buffer which cleanses the mouth the natural way.

Generally people can crack walnut with their teeth. So while doing that people tend to exert pressure on their teeth about 20-250 pounds, which is enough to crack most nuts. Those people who continuously grind their teeth are known as ‘Bruxers’.

Bulimia (binge eating) and acid reflux can cause erosion of tooth enamel. The acid reflux caused lowering in the ph of saliva and erodes the inner surface of teeth.

Increase use of soda and citrus drinks can also cause corrosion of the enamel surface. Soda has phosphoric acid and citrus drinks have citric acid which caused the roughening of enamel surface thereby causing cavities.

Some drugs such as antidepressants may also cause tooth enamel defects. They cause dry mouth as a side effect which alters the buffer action of saliva against bacteria thereby causing cavities. This situation could be relieved by increase uptake of water

Gum diseases due to pregnancy. Due to hormonal imbalance during pregnancy, gums tend to swell and cause bleeding. Some studies have found that gum diseases in pregnancy leads to premature birth. Maintaining oral hygiene is the key to prevent this situation.

25% adults all over the world have lost their all teeth.

A large proportion of world population over the age of 35, have one or more gum disease condition.

Chlorinated pool has chlorine in it which can wear off the enamel in regular or frequent swimmers.

Bad breath is a complaint a large portion of population has. You can test your breath by licking a spoon and sniffing it off. If your mouth is clean then you won’t have rotten smell on the spoon.